It is especially applied in patients with cosmetic complaints. When combined with Exolaser, the results are more satisfactory. Sclerotherapy; It is an effective treatment for reticular veins, spider veins and telangiectasia. These thin vein structures, which are enlarged to a diameter of 2-4 mm, are applied again by applying a special drug (polidocanol) with very thin and small needles. With the effect of the drug the veins contracted, the internal structures deteriorate and blood flow stops; as a result, the veins become invisible. The smaller the diameter of the vessel, the better the treatment. For this reason, the sooner the varicose veins are treated, the more successful the treatment will be and the treatment becomes so effortless! Sclerotherapy is a painless method. It can be applied under the practice conditions and does not prevent the patient from continuing his / her daily life. After several days of elastic bandage application, the use of varicose veins in appropriate pressure is necessary for the effectiveness of treatment.

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