One of the most important developments in the treatment of varicose veins in recent years. Technically, it is based on the bonding of Safen and Parva veins, which form varicose veins, with an effective adhesive. A few years ago, by the approval of the American Drug Office, it has been rapidly made all over the world. A catheter is inserted into the appropriate anatomy and diameters after local anesthesia, and this catheter is advanced to the leakage of the vessel. Adhesive (super glue-cyanoacrylate) is squeezed into the vein and the two walls of the vein are glued and the vein is closed. There are significant advantages over other treatments. Most importantly, it does not require general, spinal or tumescent anesthesia. Only a small local anesthetic is sufficient for catheter access. It does not cause burning and pain due to high heat treatment. The process results in 20 to 30 minutes. The patient can then return to normal life from the hospital on foot. There is no need to use varicose stockings after the procedure. the company that develops this technology stipulates that it should be applied by the physicians who give certification.

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