Varicosis Prevention

The gold standard in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins is the socks. The most effective protection method for those who are at the beginning of the disease, who work in occupations that are predisposed to varicose veins and especially for pregnant women; varicose The sock prevents the high pressure in the vein and prevents the formation of varicose veins by allowing the blood to be directed to the deeper veins and the calf muscles to make the pump function that helps circulation better. Varicose veins do not improve with varicose veins but they prevent the progression of the disease significantly. The use of varicose veins as both a protective and varicose vein treatment is a must ı ’is a condition. In fact, almost everyone uses socks in their daily life. The main reason for this is that the sock is not taken in appropriate pressure and size. Since each leg has a different shape, a sock in standard size is abundant in a patient with a thin wrist and a tight ankle. This is exactly why the socks of the wrist-calf-thigh circumference and the size of the leg by measuring the size of a leg prepared according to the quality should be taken. All patients can feel the comfort of a given socks.

According to the living conditions and working conditions;

Do not stand too long or avoid sitting.

Light walking and doing exercises

Lose weight

Time to relax by lifting your feet up

Avoid tight clothing and high-heeled shoes

Using drugs that support the walls of the veins will help relax your legs.

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