What are varicose veins?

Translated from the Latin, Varix means varicose veins or varicose veins (varix - knot, bloating, Latin) is a disease of the veins (vessels carrying blood to the heart), which leads to an increase in their lumen, thinning of the venous wall and the formation of nodes (uneven expansion). The word ‘Vena’ is translated as the circulatory vein. The word ‘Venoz’ is translated as related to the veins or is used as the word venous.

In Latin Language Varicose as the word denotes vein enlargement. Adopted in the vocabulary of our language Concept of varicose veins and which gives a description of the thinning of the wall of the veins, which occur for some reason, lengthening of the expansion of the veins under the influence of pressure.

Vein; This word is translated from Latin as a blood vessel. Venous This word is translated as associated with the veins or is used as the word venous. Even on ancient Greek statues you can find figures with varicose diseases, which throughout all ages have been the cause of the diseases of society. The venous system of the lower limbs two sections, subdivided how deep and superficial. The deep system is the largest system behind the bone, which supplies most of the blood. The auxiliary circulatory system for the deep system is the superficial venous system, which is located below the inguinal region. and located behind the knee

Small saphenous vein 'Varicose veins are mainly found in us as diseases The main function of the venous vessels of our body is the return transportation of blood from organs and tissues, where blood flows from the heart through arteries. Transportation of blood through the venous vessels in the lower extremities occurs upwards, that is, in the opposite direction, despite the gravitational pull of the earth. The blood pressure in the vessels, which is created by the severity of blood in the venous during this process, is stabilized by means of valves located in different parts of the veins. Under the influence of constant pressure of the vein for various reasons or as a result of a violation of the structure of the vein or resistance valves, gravitational attraction disappears. Usually, the pressure that does not affect the lower wall of the valves exposes the walls of the vessels, which is in the clinicof these saphenous veins. vascular insufficiency or also called reflux. The main cause of varicose veins is an increase in pressure inside the vessels. The fragile structure of the veins under the influence of pressure begins to undergo a structural change. Over time, these structural changes become the cause of varicose diseases of various types that can be seen under the skin.
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