Complaints related to varicose veins

Complaints related to varicose veins Venous diseases are often neglected because they do not affect the general course of life. Complaints are tried to be eliminated by personal methods or ignored. This is the case with varicose veins which have been delayed in the clinic and whose treatment has become more complicated. Varicose veins are not just a cosmetic problem, but a disease that can cause serious loss of life comfort if it is not treated.

The main complaint related to the varicose veins is pain. It is a pain in the whole leg or knee, sometimes in the form of a sneezing style which sometimes causes a feeling of fullness or fullness. Standing time increases, while at rest, the foot is lifted up and decreasing at night.


Burning Sensation on Skin and Temperature

Swelling in foot
With increasing venous pressure, the water part of the blood flows into the tissue through the dilated and dilated vessel walls. This clear liquid accumulates in the ankle and surrounding soft tissues by gravity. In the evening, the patient increases and his wrists become swollen later, the shoes are narrow. Night sleep, the body lying down to the entire body due to the position of the body is lost until the morning, but in the morning standing up to accumulate begins to rise. With the effect of gravity, swelling increases throughout the day and this cycle repeats every day.

Night Cramps
It is thought to be caused by venous high pressure.

High pressure due to venous insufficiency due to venous insufficiency and thinning of the walls of the veins may cause bleeding due to spontaneous or minor traumas or itching in close varices near the skin.

Skin Color Changes
It occurs in the advanced stages of the disease. In the form of socks in the wrist color changes while the skin in this area becomes thicker and lose its flexibility.

Thrombosis and Thromboflebite
Intravascular coagulation (thrombosis) may occur as a result of blood pooling in enlarged vessels. The tendency to infection develops in the veins that lose their healthy structure (thrombophlebitis). Fluctuations in the developing vessels of the phlebitis, flushing, tenderness and fever as a result of reaction to these parts may also cause thrombosis.

Venous Ulcer
It is observed in patients who have reached advanced stages and are not treated. Craters or wounds in the wrist around the wrists cause serious pain. They can be easily corrected after a long and painful period of dressing and surgery.
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