I am a banker. Inflation and swelling of the legs on my wrists. Can it be a vein failure?

It may be due to the conditions of the study, as well as venous insufficiency or lymphedema. We recommend evaluation by ultrasound.

Who is at risk of developing varicose veins? What are the symptoms of disease? I have venous in my family, will I have it? I am a banker. Inflation and swelling of the legs on my wrists. Can it be a vein failure? I am using a contraceptive pill, should I quit for varicose? I am 6 months pregnant, I have a lot of edema on my legs and began to notice varicose formations in the back of the knee. What should I do? There are varicose changes in the genital area, can they be associated with varicose veins? I was examined for varicose veins and drugs was recommended, but my complaints are still ongoing. What should I do? My doctor recommended constantly using compression stockings. After the spring season because of the heat,i can not use. Do you have any tips? What should be the frequency of sclerotherapy sessions? Prior to this, i had varicose surgery, however, varicose formations began to appear under the knee. Do I need to re-operate? Are there more practical methods? What period is necessary to use compression stockings after the completion of the sclerotherapy procedure? Im in the marketing industry, Im constantly traveling in and out of the city. There are swelling and pain in my legs towards the evening. I was told şt could be an internal venous. Where should I start treatment? I got rid of thin varicose veins with external laser treatment. Should I continue wearing stockings? There are small venous in my legs. Ive been going to the gym regularly for the last five months. Ive noticed my varicose veins growing. I wonder if doing sports increases venous? At the end of the week, my wife and I go hiking. Will walking help my wifes varicose changes? Are there side effects of sclerotherapy?
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